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One dose of a homeopathic remedy usually consists of 1 to 6 pellets (depending on the size of pellet), but the exact amount is not important.  Simply tap the container and take the amount that falls out.  When taking homeopathic remedies follow these rules:
1)      Never touch the pellets with your hands.
2)      Carefully tap or shake the pellets out into the cap of the container or a clean dry spoon.
3)      If extra pellets spill out, do not put them back into the container.  Use or discard them.
4)      Being careful not to contaminate the cap, place the pellets in the mouth and under the tongue.
5)      Let the pellets dissolve in the mouth for at least 30 seconds.
6)      Do not take anything with the remedy or take anything else in the mouth at least 15 minutes before and after taking a remedy.
7)      Do not expose the open container to any strong odors (such as perfumes, cooking smells, fresh paint or camphor) or to other open remedies.
8)      Take as directed on the container.

1)      Be careful not to contaminate the pellets, container or cap.
2)      Always keep the lid on tight (but not too tight).  If the cap breaks or the seal comes out, contact us for a replacement.
3)      Always leave the remedy in its original container.
4)      Store it in a cool, dry dark place (not the refrigerator).
5)      Store it away from strong odors such as food and cooking smells, mothballs, perfumes, camphor and strong smelling medicines.

1)      Avoid strong aromatic oils such as tea tree oil (Melaleuca), eucalyptus and especially camphor, as well as any particularly strong essential oils or strong aromatherapy. Camphor is found in such products as Blistex, Carmex, Chapstick, Tiger Balm, Vic's Vapor Rub, Mentholatum, some liniments for muscles, and some facial cleansers (e.g., Noxema). Lip balms found in health food stores may be fine but check the label for tea tree oil or camphor. Don't worry about common scents and perfumes. [Only if given the remedies Natrum-muriaticum (nat-m) or Phosphorus (phos), also avoid menthol, peppermint and mint products (e.g. most tooth pastes).]
2)      Avoid coffee and coffee products including decaffeinated coffee. Black teas are okay if used in moderation.  Herb teas are fine.
3)      Avoid electric blankets.  Waterbed heaters and the occasional use of heating pads are fine.
4)      Whenever possible avoid other types of therapy unless you have discussed them with your homeopath.  However, if you must use another medicine or therapy and you do not have the opportunity to discuss it with your homeopath, do not stop taking the remedy.
5)      Do not use any other homeopathic remedies unless using a first aid or acute remedy in an emergency situation.

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