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Biconia Naturopathic Clinic offers dependable natural health care for the whole family.

We have over 20 years of naturopathic clinical experience in helping people recover from serious and long-term health problems.  

 Our licensed naturopathic doctor offers classical homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition and counseling.  

You will find the following resources on this website:  

Useful information about our practice and the treatment of chronic illness, including sections on counseling, credentials, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, office policies, fees, links, etc.
Helpful information for preventing illness through an optimally healthy lifestyle, diet and supplements.
Information on natural home treatments for simple acute conditions that anyone can self-diagnosis in Self-care.  
A list of upcoming events and lectures on naturopathic topics.

Helping people recover from chronic disease is our specialty. We primarily utilize "classical homeopathy" to this end. This is a powerful 200-year-old wholistic natural healing modality that treats the whole person. Generally, conventional medicine and much of natural medicine can only control the symptoms of chronic disease. With homeopathy it is actually possible for many people to fully recover their health, not only have their symptoms treated. 

The body/mind has an incredible ability to heal itself when obstacles are removed and the whole system is stimulated to heal itself when each person is treated as the unique individual they are. This is a radically different approach from treating a symptom or a disease. Traditional/classical homeopathy has built into it the novel approach of working with the whole person all at one time.

Along with the classical homeopathy we often also use naturopathic treatments such as clinical nutrition, diet, lifestyle, herbs, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, etc. The combination of all these modalities can be very powerful.  

We also have a specialty working with dysglycemia (insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and diabetes) and use naturopathic supplementation and clinical nutrition with these patients. A growing part of the practice is counseling.

The Self-care, Nutrition and Prevention & Healing sections of this website are full of useful and effective information on prevention and home care. We strongly encourage people to use these natural home treatments. However, these home remedies in no way reflect the potential healing power of natural medicine when practiced by a well-trained naturopathic doctor. 

If you are suffering from a chronic health problem, self-care is often not enough. We encourage you to call the office and speak to someone on our staff about your options. Classical homeopathy and naturopathic medicine combined with our many years of clinical experience in natural medicine offers you the greatest potential  in the santa monica area of full recovery from your health problems. 

We are where people go when everything else has failed.
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