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FREE Introductory Appointment



FREE Introductory Appointment

Are you new to natural medicine? Not sure what to expect from our services? Come in for a free 20-minute introductory appointment with Dr. Cormer. This is a no-obligation way to learn how our services can help you stay healthy or regain your health.

So many people suffer and struggle through their health problems and then after everything else has failed to lead to recovery, they come to see us. We are often still able to help, but why not start here?

Ask yourself these questions: 
(1) Do I feel healthy (without needing to take drugs or lots of supplements)? 
(2) Is what I am doing getting me well?
(3) Is my current health care helping to maximize my health? 
If you answered no to these questions and are ready to try something new come and see us! 



Dr. Cormer sees patients at 1450 10th Street in Santa Monica, California. This is 8 blocks north of Dodge Street in the Dundee neighborhood. The office has a separate entrance with its own porch on the left, down the driveway. The driveway is available for patient parking, or the north side of the street is available. There is no parking allowed on the south side of the street. 

Phone or email consultations are not generally available except with established patients. You may see our Links page for a referral to a qualified practitioner in your area or see other pages of this webpage (e.g., Self-care, Nutrition, Prevention & Healing, etc.) for answers to common health questions.

After 25 years of clinical practice Dr. Cormer now divides her time between her practice and teaching college. The clinic schedule changes based on her class schedule. 


Appointments for patient visits as of March 1, 2017 are available:
Monday  10:00 to 6:00
Friday  10:00 to 6:00

The office is not open for walk-ins. Please call in advance to make an appointment or to arrange a pick up.

Please leave a message on the voice mail and a return call will be made as the schedule allows. Leave your name, phone number and a brief description of the nature of the call. Thank you.

To arrange all appointments or for more information please contact the santa monica office at (402) 284-0082.

Phone Consultations
Generally, phone consultations are only available for established patients who have already been seen in person at least once.

We have moved to 1450 10th Street  in Santa Monica, California, in the Dundee neighborhood. The office is in a home with a separate entrance for the office (down the driveway to the left). Please note there is no parking on the south side of the street. Here are photos of the building.

New Patient Forms
When an appointment is scheduled new patient forms are generally mailed out along with office policies. If an appointment is scheduled so that there is not time for the mail to arrive, the Patient Profile and Disclosure forms are available here for printing. 

Acrobat Reader is required to read and print the forms, if it is not already on your computer it can be downloaded for free here.  

Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policies
Please give 24 hours notice if you cannot keep a follow-up appointment and 72 hours notice if you cannot keep an initial appointment. There will be a fee charged for missed appointments and last minute cancellations.

Follow-up Office Visits

Homeopathic follow-up visits are usually scheduled four to six weeks apart. Naturopathic/nutritional and counseling follow-up visits are usually one to two weeks apart.

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. Checks and cash  are accepted, although we ask you to have correct change. 

Health Insurance
In most cases health insurance will not cover our services. However, some programs that allow the use of pretax dollars for out-of-pocket health care expenses have covered our services. If you have such a program check with it. While the office does not have the capacity to submit your insurance forms for you, we do provide a statement with the billing codes and licensing numbers so that you can submit them yourself. 

Services and Fees

    Homeopathic consultations:

        Initial adult: $320

                (approximately three hours)

        Initial teenager (13 to 19): $270

                (approximately two and a half  hours)

        Initial child 12 and under: $195

                (approximately 90 minutes)

        Initial infant (under one year): $105

                (approximately 45 minutes)

    Naturopathic and nutritional consultations:

        Initial visit (approximately 60 minutes) : $140

    Follow-up visits: $70
  (approximately 30 minutes)

    Counseling consultations (50 minutes): $90

Contact Information

If your questions are not adequately answered by this website and you are considering our clinic for your health care, please call the office and speak to our staff. 

For information and appointments:
(424) 284-0082

Email: We can address some questions via email but often a phone call will provide more timely and satisfactory answers. Email may not be checked daily so do not expect a timely response. For email:

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