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Plusing Instructions

If you have been instructed to "plus" your homeopathic remedy follow these instructions:

Place 1/2 cup of distilled or filtered water into a clean glass container. Make sure there isn't any contamination or smell in the container (as from pickles, etc.).

Put a dose (1-6 pellets as directed on your vial) into the water and let it dissolve.

After the pellets have dissolved, stir the solution 50 times with a clean spoon.

Take one spoonful as your dose, holding it in the mouth for 30 seconds.

If you have been directed to take repeated doses, then cover the glass container. If the container does not have a secure lid, one option you can use is clean plastic held on with a rubber band.  Store it away from strong odors and not in the refrigerator. The point is to prevent any odors from getting into the container.

Remember to stir the solution again 50 times before each dose.

This solution can be used for approximately 1 week.

Follow the other usual remedy guidelines.


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